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GelCore™ Cushion

GelCore™ Cushion

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Experience cooling comfort with our Gel Seat Cushion, the largest in the market. Perfect for office chairs, cars, wheelchairs, and even trucks, our cushion features an open honeycomb design for breathability and heat dissipation. Say goodbye to aching tailbones, cramping legs, and sweaty bums with our cushion that offers quick relief while keeping you cool and ventilated.

Proudly a California company, we're committed to delivering top-quality comfort products and exceptional customer service. Our cushion is water-resistant and comes with a washable cover, making it versatile for any setting - from wheelchairs to stadium seats, and even shower tubs.

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda G.
Finally! The perfect chair cushion

I have tried so many chair cushions, but none of them seem to remain comfortable for long periods of time. I had initially purchased a smaller size, but I needed a wider one for my office chair. I work from home and spend a lot of time at the computer. You wouldn't think this type of honeycomb seat cushion would be comfortable. However, it does a great job of distributing my weight evenly and doesn't make my butt numb from long periods of sitting. This is definitely a winner for me.

**UPDATE** It has been almost two months since I bought this cushion, and it is still working well for me. Just to clarify, this is thin, but the right thickness to add to my cushioned office chair. So, I can't say how well it would perform just with the seat cushion alone. The cushion is incredibly comfortable and does not lose its shape like most foam cushions. One slight issue I have, but it is due to the outer covering, is that it tends to slide forward. However, I can live with it since this was one of the best purchases I have made.

martina w horne

Super soft with support.

Amazon Customer
Just the right thickness.

I am temporarily working at a dining room table at another person's house. Her chairs do not have much cushion and were painful to sit on and work on the computer for long periods of time. I bought this gel cushion which is perfect-it is a good height and does not create heat. A lot more comfortable to sit on.

Perky Vixen
Very Comfortable! Relieves my Lower Back Pain!

This helps me work all day long and relieves my lower back pain! I have issues with my lower back, and my physician suggested I purchase a Seat Cushion for my office chair to relieve the constant pressure from sitting all day long. This does the trick! I recommend it to anyone who suffers from the same issues!

Comfortable for sutting

Perfect to take everywhere long sitting is required.