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ErgoForm™ Set - Seat + Lumbar Cushion

ErgoForm™ Set - Seat + Lumbar Cushion

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ErgoForm™ Set provides unparalleled comfort and pressure relief with customized contours and center cuts. The seat cushion is designed to give tailbone relief and circulate air while the lumbar cushion also improves air flow. Relax in comfort and enjoy the quality of ErgoForm™.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Roy Bynes
Good quality product, helps with the back.

It's relieved some of the lower back pain, as long as i remember to keep my posture in check. I guess a cushion set can't solve ALL of your problems, you gotta put in the work to keep yourself in check regardless...

Jamie Preston
Helps with a Desk Job

I use this product every day since I have a desk job working from home. Excellently addition to my office chair in helping my body get the comfort it needs with the help of the memory foam. It’s been a year since my purchase and the product is still holding up great!

Santiago C. Roy
Back feels much better

After 2 years at a 9-5 desk job, at 35 yrs old, I started having persistent lower back pain. Stretching, sleeping, and exercising wasn’t helping—I’d still wake up with pain. I swallowed my pride and bought this lumbar pillow. Problem solved! I don’t use the seat cushion, but the back pillow is great.

Roy B. Rhyne
Very comfortable for extended hours.

Been using this for a little over 2 months now, and it has held up. Foaming and sitting surface show zero signs of wear. Working remotely sometimes I'm in my office chair for hours with no issues. I am a rather big guy and it's justas comfortable as sitting a full size sofa. Highly recommended.

TTood E. Rosas
If you’re the least bit comfortable sitting, you NEED this

My coworker has been saying all day how excited she is to SIT because not only how comfortable this product is, but how much support it offers for the lower back and sacrum. I never realized how much I hated my office chair until I tried this out. I love this product and will be buying one for myself. This exceeded my expectations 100%.