"This cushion really takes the pain out of sitting for short or long trips"
- Debbie, Saturay Customer


Struggling with Discomfort from Long Rides?

Lower Back & Hip Pain 

Do long drives leave you with an aching back & stiff hips, making even the shortest trips unbearable?

Tailbone & Sciatica

Does your commute worsen tailbone pain and trigger sciatica, making every bump a painful experience?

Seat Size Mismatch

Tired of cushions that don't fit your vehicle seat, failing to provide the support you need?

Sitting Properly Is More Important Than You Think

Chronic Back Pain

Poor posture puts damaging pressure on your lower back, leading to chronic pain. This can significantly hinder your quality of life down the road

Spinal Issues

Misalignment can result in painful conditions like herniated discs and sciatica

Poor Circulation & Leg Discomfort

Extended periods of poor posture can impair blood circulation, leading to issues like swollen ankles and varicose veins

Compromised Independence

Over time, poor posture can limit daily activities, affecting personal freedom

Appearing Older

Poor posture can make you appear older than you are, as slouching and hunching can add perceived years to your appearance

A quality seat cushion evenly distributes your weight to relieve pressure points, and supports your pelvis which then stands up your spine. This naturally improves your posture to prevent both short-term discomfort and long-term health issues.

Make small changes in your posture today for big comfort gains in the future.

How To Improve The Pain

1. Even Pressure Distribution

Sit on a surface that evenly distributes your weight to relieve pressure points & support your spine.

2. Proper Alignment

Keep your back, hips, and legs aligned to minimize strain.

3. Regular Movement

Periodically stand and stretch to improve circulation and prevent stiffness.


Meet GelCore™ - The Largest Gel Cushion In The Market

That Evenly Distributes Pressure Without Getting Warm & Sweaty 

Targeted Cooling Relief

Gel is superior at pressure distribution, offering targeted relief from back pain, tailbone pain and sciatica while promoting air flow

Maximize Your Comfort Zone

Cover the entire seat with unique 20 x 20-inch design that fits well in any vehicle, office chair or recliner, providing comprehensive full-sized support

Long-lasting & Non-Slip

Long-lasting and durable comfort, designed to maintain its shape & effectiveness over time

GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion
GelCore™ Cushion

"Having tried 5 others, cut out the frustration and try this one first." - James


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Imagine sitting on a cushion that:

1. Offers Superior Pressure Distribution

Gel is superior at pressure distribution, offering targeted relief from back pain, tailbone pain and sciatica

2. Actually Covers Your Entire Seat

Skip the ill-fitting cushions for our unique 20 x 20-inch design that fits well in any vehicle, office chair or recliner

3. Keeps You Cooler Than Other Cushions

The open cell design enables air flow, so you don't run hot quickly like other cushion types.

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Get 3 Value-Packed Bonus Guides Free With GelCore™

PDF Guide #1



Frustrated with Persistent Lower Back Pain or Sciatica? Don't Know What Actually Works?

Targeted Relief: Learn proven methods to alleviate lower back pain and sciatica.
Enhanced Comfort: Experience a pain-free life with daily comfort and mobility.

($39.99 Value)

PDF Guide #2

3. Spine-Align 2.png__PID:bc2ca761-7e75-4d8a-9588-a9fb7d7fe5a1


Want to better understand your spine & how to have better posture for less pain?

Understand Your Discomfort: Learn what is causing your pain.
Know Your Spine: Understand the science of a healthy back.
End Slouching: Simple practical tips for better posture.

($34.99 Value)

PDF Guide #3



Tired of stiffness and discomfort during long drives or while sitting at home?

Instant Relief: Eliminate stiffness on long drives and at home.
Quick Routines: Easy-to-follow stretching and chair yoga in minutes.
Anytime, Anywhere: Do it right in your seat.

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Why Is GelCore™ Better?

Superior Fit for Most Seats

Our 20 x 20 unique design ensures the best fit for all types of seats, unlike other cushions that fall short

Comfort Minus the Heat

Superior pressure distribution without the heat build-up common in other cushions

Waterproof & Worry-Free

Spill-proof comfort that can be used in all the places foam cushions cannot

10,000+ Happy Users

Backed by the satisfaction of thousands of customers just like you

Ships from the USA

Get your cushion quickly and reliably from our warehouses

Stories From Our Customers

" ... made our trips much more enjoyable"

My wife and I recently purchased this product and we couldn't be happier with our decision. It has quickly become an essential part of our daily lives.

My wife, who loves long road trips, has found this to be a game-changer. The comfort it provides during those long hours on the road is unparalleled. She no longer complains about discomfort or stiffness after our journeys, which has made our trips much more enjoyable.

As for me, I work from home full-time and spend most of my day sitting in an office chair. This product has significantly improved my seating experience. It has breathed new life into my old office chair, providing excellent support and comfort throughout my workday.

I was skeptical at first, but I'm glad I gave it a shot. The size is perfect, fitting well on regular chairs and even in the car. The removable cover is a great feature, making it easy to clean and maintain.

"... alleviate some of the intense [arthritis] pain"

 I have arthritis in my hip and need a hip replacement. Of course surgery is the only thing that will take the pain away, but this gel cushion certainly has made a big difference with helping to alleviate some of the intense pain.

I have a desk job so sit all day and this gel cushion is way more comfortable than regular cushions. This came earlier than promised and was nicely packaged.

"Because of the size, I don't have to re-position it"

Because of the size, I don’t have to constantly re-position it, or feel like the edges are digging into me.

Good thickness as well, it definitely helps cushion the bum. Washable cover is a great addition. Very happy with it overall!

"Really helped with my lower back and gluteal pain"

I really like this pillow. It's large and fits perfectly on my office chair. It's not too thick so there's no need to adjust your chair height to accommodate the cushion, but it still provides maximum comfort.

I don't have the problem of it sliding around; my office chair is a soft fabric and the cushion doesn't move around on it at all. It would be a different story with a leather chair.

It's really helped with my lower back and gluteal pain. I have mobility issues so I spend most of my time sitting and this helps me do that without pain.

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One Cushion, Many Uses

The Benefits of 3 Different Cushions In Just 1

Regular Use Cases

Vehicles, Office Chairs, Recliners, Wheelchairs

Unexpected Use Cases

Boats & Kayaks


Dirty Benches

Workshops & Garages

For Incontinence


25% Off + Bonuses Go Away In 1 Day

How It Works ...

1. Honeycomb Design

Unique structure for even weight distribution and posture support

2. Breathable & Cooling

Open cell design for air circulation and cooling effect, with a breathable mesh cover

3. Adaptive & Resilient

Gel material quickly adapts to your body and rebounds for long-lasting comfort

4. Easy Maintenance

Waterproof gel with washable cover for easy cleaning and extended product life

"This gel pad doesn't slide around and makes for a much more pleasurable ride." - SG

Why We Exist ...


Sit Well,
Live Well

The seed for this company was planted when I saw my father, living with scoliosis and a herniated disk, struggle with the simple act of sitting. Witnessing his discomfort made me realize that there was a need for better education and better solutions, both preventive and corrective. With that in mind, I set out to research, understand and create products that could help people sit better with fewer problems.

We're not perfect, and we don't claim to have all the answers. But what we do have is a commitment to making sitting more comfortable for as many people as we can. We're constantly learning, growing, and exploring new ways to expand our product line to address more sitting-related challenges. Our mission is simple: to educate on poor sitting risks and offer solutions that empower future independence, one cushion at a time.

Try It Free For 30 Days

We stand by the quality of our products. That's why we offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund

Highly Rated

With over 300 5-star reviews, our cushions have been praised for their superior comfort, support, and durability

Health-Focused Mission

At Saturay, we're not just about selling cushions. We're dedicated to making your sitting experience more comfortable & healthy.

Excellent Customer Service

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers. Whatever the question, our dedicated customer service team is always ready to help


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

GelCore™ vs Foam Cushions

Even pressure distribution due to honeycomb structure

Cooling effect from open cell structure

Quick adaptation & rebound

Highly durable, maintains shape

Waterproof & easy to clean

Uneven pressure distribution due to compression of foam cells

Can retain heat, feels warm

Slower adaptation & rebound

May flatten or lose shape over time

Not waterproof, gets sweaty & damp

Join 10,000+ People Who Have Chosen To Sit Better

... That Is Very Easy To Clean

From Our Customers ...

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